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Thread: Different Server Icons per Installation

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    Different Server Icons per Installation

    I would love to be able to adjust the Icon on a Network with more then one KooRaRoo Media Server to be able to quickly differentiate the Servers. Custom Icons would be great but a bunch of different Colors instead of just the Blue one would be a good place to start.

    On a sidenote I tried to add my whole Music Library to KooRaRoo Media Library but I have not been successfull yet. It is about 363GB's of MP3's which comes out to about 83'000 Songs along side the 258 Days of Videos. Now I have to admit I have not found another Software yet that did acctualy index everything in a halfway decent timeframe but I was hoping KooRaRoo Media could handle it. I guess my Question is have you added large amounts of files like this with success? It is running on a AMD Octa Core CPU and 16GB RAM. I have tried it a couple times but ususally it starts to behave strange on the last 4000 Files.

    On another sidenote is it possible to select drives by their portable folder names vs Drive Letters? Having 13 HDD's and a whole bunch of external Drives, the letters get a little crowded. SiberSystem's GoodSync for example has that very usefull Option to keep the target correct even with changing drive letters.

    Dont get me wrong so far the best DLNA Media Server i have tried out. Thanks for that. (Bundling/BubbleUPnP Server combination would be amazing ->
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    You can change the icon to be anything you want actually. The icons used are in two files - KooRaRoo-48x48.krri and KooRaRoo-120x120.krri which are found in the Databases folder. Just put in your graphics in place of those and KRR will load them up.

    KRR has been tested with 150K+ files and while it does take a few hours to get all of those in, it still works just fine. What happens with those last 4000 files? Does it fail to add them in?

    Sorry, I'm not exactly sure about the folder names... Do you mean that you change drive letters from time to time? You could use a full UNC path in that case (e.g. "\\mydrive\mypath").

    I do happily recommend BubbleUPnP as a DLNA client for Android devices and if the author of Bubble wants to do a bundle deal, we can discuss it

    Thank you!

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    Thanks for the Reply. I will give the Icons a go and see how that works out.

    Regarding the last 4000 Files. I assume it is acctualy alot more then 4000, it usually Ends at about 215GB of 368GB. While the first 200GB get indexed rather quickly the rest will take days as far as I can tell so far. Because after it finishes when closing and reopening KRR says it got another 2000 to 4000 Files found. I can continue this for a while and it always takes hours for the files to get processed and when closing and opening again it finds new ones. I know I gave up everytime because I felt it was a never ending Story. After 215Gb it just trickles at no where near the Speed it had before. Anyway Long Story short I just set up a new AV Server I will give it a try on that one to see how long it will take. I will Report back either way.

    Regarding the Drive Letters, I guess I am talking about the Non Maped UNC Path atleast as far as I can tell. Not sure exactly how to manualy find that one out yet but I am sure Google can provide me with some answears on this. Not sure if this is somewhat what I am looking for. For your convienence here the VB Attachment (I have not taken a look at the VB Code so be sure to check the link for more Information about it.)

    As far as BubbleUPnP goes I will ask the developer over at XDA to see if he would be interessted since it could promote both of your Software. It would be amazing to have a UPnP AV Re/director for our convenience integratet in KRR. Or how ever you call that functionality the BubbleUPnP Server provides.
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    With regards UNC paths - that looks exactly what I mentioned in my previous reply - just use the "\\E\videos" form and that'll work regardless of drive mapping.

    KooRaRoo does allow sending files to devices using the Remote Player pane (you can make it visible using the View menu). It's similar to what Bubble does. KooRaRoo does not current aggregate contents from other servers, but this is planned as well.

    The files' adding is an interesting issue. I would like to investigate this further and it would be best done through support. Can you please enable logging by ticking the Enable Logging item under the Tools menu. Then restart the GUI and the server and then start adding those large folders. Perhaps leave it running overnight, so that it adds in and processes most of the files and then when it goes down in performance, stop the server and the GUI and send in the logs to support (at) kooraroo (dot) com . To find the logs, please go to Tools -> Options -> File Locations and click the Open button on the Logs folder.

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