Hi! I've been searching all over for a DLNA media server that does 2 things: play DVD folders, and play subtitles. I'm really hoping your software will fill the bill. It looks promising!

Most of my movies are in MKV files, and their subs are in SRT format -- named to match the MKV movie files, and stored in the movie's folder. (For those that are no longer in DVD structure folders.) I can't seem to get the subtitles to show up in the transcode dialog so that I can choose them when transcoding. What's the secret? Do they have to be embedded in the MKV file?

A related question: If and when I can get them to show up, am I going to have to do that for every single movie that has subs? That's hundreds, in my case. I hope a global preference could be added.

I can see this is a very new product, and I wish you all the best with it!