A quick walk-through of how to get started with KooRaRoo Media:

  1. Download KooRaRoo Media from our site: http://www.kooraroo.com/download.php
  2. Run the downloaded file to install KooRaRoo Media on your computer.
  3. Make sure that the computer you are installing KooRaRoo Media on is connected to your home network.
  4. Run the installed KooRaRoo Media application.
  5. On the initial launch, you'll be presented with a Welcome screen that allows you to choose folders that contain your files, you can leave the selections as they are, add, remove or edit them or cancel this window completely. If you cancel this window, you'll need to start the server manually for the first time by using the "Start Server" button on the toolbar.
  6. You may add more folders or individual files using the "Add" menu commands at any time.
  7. Once you have added some files or folders to KooRaRoo Media, check the Devices pane to make sure your device has been found and detected. If the device is not detected, check that the device is turned on and is in DLNA mode (e.g. Media Player or Home Network or something similar on the device). If the device cannot be auto-detected, double-click on it in the Devices pane and select a device definition manually.
  8. Go to the device and you should see KooRaRoo Media appear there - you can then access your media collection through it and start streaming.

That's all! The whole process shouldn't take more than a few minutes and you can start enjoying your media straight away.