After enjoying using KooRaRoo with my new Panasonic Plasma TV with full media streaming, etc. - I've now been out and bought a 2013 model Samsung - UE22F5400

It has the full SmartTV functions with Samsungs 'AllShare' system - and works with DLNA servers.

One major issue:

- I can't get it to work at all. The best I can do is to leave everything at Default (it identifies the TV but uses the Default settings for it) - and then I can browse the meta-data folders (All Videos, By Type, By Actor, etc.) - oddly it doesn't seem to advertise the folder hierachy that I have set up.

- If I switch the device type to "Samsung C/D/E Smart TV" or similar it won't even allow me to browse the folders - just telling me "Request cannot be completed. MEDIA PLAY will return to menu" - or similar

Using the Logitech Media Server, I can at least play videos - and they seem to work well - though I can't ffwd/rew at all.

Using PS3MediaServer I can do pretty much anything - browse by folder hierachy, play videos and ffwd/rew (by using the remote control 'arrow keys' to jump fwd and back in 20s steps - which is better than nothing!).

I really want to continue to use KRR with this TV so any help getting it to connect, play and ffwd/rew (ideally better than PS3MediaServer does - but I'd take that!) would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Dennis.