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Thread: HELP! Panasonic 2013 TV - TX-P42GT60 - can see everything, won't play anything!

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    HELP! Panasonic 2013 TV - TX-P42GT60 - can see everything, won't play anything!

    Firstly - let me just say that KooRaRooMedia looks fantastic, and the functionality, flexibility and interface as well as it nicely showing the folder hierachy (unlike many other servers that just lump everything into "Video folder" etc.) currently means that it could rapidly become my preferred media server.

    IF... would actually serve anything to my new 2013 Panasonic TX-P42GT60 smart TV (using Panasonic 'Media Server' app) in a format that would actually play. I can't find a single file that will preview or play - and whilst I can see the files within the TVs media browser if I try to play any it simply thinks for a short while and then says "Unsupported file format" or "Cannot find file" (or similar messages).

    If I use Microsofts 'Homegroup' to act as a DLNA server, or alternatively Logitech's Media Server (Squeezebox Server) then everything plays well and works perfectly - but they're both pretty useless as far as everything else goes.

    The KooRaRoo system appears to identify my TV almost correct - as a Panasonic Viera TV (DT/E/G/GT/UT-series, 2011) and it makes no difference if I turn transcoding on or off it simply does nothing.

    PLEASE help me to get this working properly - as I'd love to start using it properly!

    Many thanks,


    PS I've enabled logging and tried to play some files, and have some log files but they're too big to attach here.

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    I've emailed support and included logs and file information for one of the problem files.

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    I'm glad that you like KooRaRoo - thank you!

    I've received the files in support and I'll get back to you via e-mail shortly - I'm sure we'll get things going.

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    Permissions reset on the main, top level folder, and all working great now - thanks for your help!

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