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Thread: Patriot Box Office not "seen"

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    Patriot Box Office not "seen"

    hi everyone. does anyone know anything about using KooRaRoo with a PBO? they don't "see" each other, play to device shows my WDTV Live, but not the PBO, and KooRaRoo doesn't show up on the PBO under UPnP. Thanks.

    *actually, now that i'm checking, my WDTV Live doesn't see it either, even though it shows in play to devices, though not in bold letters. in all fairness though, this is a new computer, Win 7, 64 bit, so the problem is probably with it's setup.
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    sorry for the double post, but just to get the attention of people who already viewed this post, by taking a bit from different posts and piecing them together, i now have KooRaRoo working on BOTH media players, so the Patriot Box Office IS supported for anyone wondering. wonderful program, thanks Dennis.

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    I'm glad you've sorted it out and thanks for the update on that! Can you please tell us what was the issue and the fix?

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    first off, this is a new computer, so i turned on both the WDTV Live and the Patriot Box Office, then reset the WD to Factory Settings to clear old settings for the old computer, KooRaRoo showed the WD as something else, i forget what, and Default Device, but showed the proper IP and MAC, so after looking around, spotted the post saying Default Device mean't it wasn't detected. next i clicked on it under Device, and from the dropdown menu picked WDTV Live, also noticed the PBO wasn't in the list, but figured one thing at a time. next i turned off the server, rebooted Koo, turned the server on again, and voila, there is the WD showing, i try the WD AND the PBO, and Koo is listed as a server under UPnP, and works great on both, BUT, the PBO shows up under Devices as Eminent hdMEDIA, but who cares, it works. if you have any questions, i'll try to answer them.
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    Great, thank you for the information - I'm sure it'll help someone! The Patriot shows up as Eminent probably because they share the same firmware internally and that would also explain why it works


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