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    it would be great if you could add for movies. and and for tvshows as metadata sources.there both open source and have alot more info in the api than amazon woueld also be nice to edit more tags in the meta data...It also you be nice to have a default way to sort tvseries in series names than season .also the rename name for tvshow should be show'sname - S01E01 - episodes name .which would %series_name - S%seasonE%episode - %Episode_title as example as way it look for metadata tags.One last is a way to export the list into csv and http you be great .Love the program keep up good work

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    Thank you for the suggestions - some of these are actually already planned, so I'm glad to see more interest in those!

    I'll add your suggestions to the development to-do list - thanks

    Not sure if you know or not, but you can create hierarchical trees with your TV series even now - to do that you simply create a Hierarchical Tree playlist with Album as the keyword and "Video" as the file type. If metadata was read correctly from your video files, then this would give you a nice overview of the series.

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