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Thread: Tree and Folder Meta Data Table View - Be able to customise the fields shown

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    Tree and Folder Meta Data Table View - Be able to customise the fields shown

    When I view a tree in My Folders, I would like to choose which columns of metadata I see and their order.

    To Repro:
    In 'My Folders', select 'My Music' or the 'Album Artist / Album' hierarchical tree playlist
    In the window to the right, I can select columns, but can't do anything with them beyond Sort.

    1) Either a dialog box where the columns can be selected and ordered; or right click columns to add/move, with drag/drop to re-order.
    2) Be able to change the column width
    3) Be able to see Metadata for the whole tree or high-level branch selected and not just the lowest level branch.

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    Thanks for the suggestions!

    Rearranging columns is already on my to-do list, so that's coming in the future along with hiding columns and changing their widths.

    I'm not sure I completely understand your third point though - can you please give me an example of this?

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    The 3) item is minor, and here is more info:
    If within 'My Folders', I select the 'Album Artist / Album' tree list, the right window lists the Album Artists with a sub-folder count, but there is no metadata (Title, Media Info, Duration, Size, etc.), despite there being metadata colums.
    If I move down a level and select the Album Artist branch, the right window shows the Albums with album covers and file count, but no other metadata.
    It's not until I select an Album Branch, that I see the metadata for those tracks.

    This means I don't have a view that shows all music within a tree or brance, and if I'm looking for a specific track for an artist, I need to click each album branch untll I find it.

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    Ah ok, I understand

    Metadata is only listed for specific files, that's why it doesn't appear on those levels where there are no files and only folders.

    I see your point about finding a specific track when you don't know what album it belongs to. Perhaps a search window would help with that, what do you think?


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