There are lots of DLNA-enabled devices out there and they all support different combinations of video, music and photo formats. Some support more, some support less, but I think it's safe to say that no single device supports all existing format variations.

This is where KooRaRoo Media's powerful (and smart!) transcoding engine comes in (transcoding simply means converting from one format to another).

KooRaRoo Media can read pretty much any existing format you can throw at it (see a full list of supported formats on this page). It's also smart enough to recognize your device and check what formats it supports. This is done through the supplied device definitions (device profiles) that are actively maintained to make sure they match the latest firmware changes.

Music and photo conversion is relatively easy. The tricky bit is video conversion, when done properly. KooRaRoo will try to remux the video if at all possible (remuxing means simply copying a stream to a different container). This allows for a very quick conversion that doesn't require much CPU power and is very quick. Don't worry about the technical bits - it just works!

In KooRaRoo you also have full power to do manual conversions which allow you to tweak parameters and choose video/audio streams. You are in full control!