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    I paid for the software last year, but stopped using it for several reasons.

    My computer has since crashed and I lost everything that was on my hdd, and I now want to reinstall and begin using the program. I downloaded the trial, but I need to know how to get my registration so that I can use it after the trial period ends.

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    After upgrading to Windows 10, I had somewhat the same issue. The KRR version that came with the upgrade was trial only. So I just searched for all the emails from KRR on my gmail account and registered the trial copy. Hopefully your original registration email is available in the cloud.

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    I had a hard drive crash as well, and have written 3 times for you to re-send my registration.

    I have no way to retrieve data from this drive, and I am 15 days into the "trial".

    What's the issue here? I know that some things take time, but I have been waiting for over 2 weeks.


    Actually, I am now past the "trial" period and cannot use the software. WTH?!?!?
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    My apologies for the delay, kindly send us a PM with your purchase information and we will search for your code


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