Hello all.

Have been a long time user/fan of KooRaRoo and will continue to use/support it.

That said, I am having a major issue with KRR and was wondering if there was some way to get it KRR working with Windows 10 as it will be releasing in about 2 weeks.

KRR works just fine with Windows 10 itself. The problem I have been having is every time Windows updates I have to reenter my Registration Info, which is no biggie. But the problem I have is that after registration, all the Data Files are gone and I have to rescan all my Videos/Music/Etc. This takes a couple of hours as I have over 5k of files that are scanned. And this happens every time Windows updates, which is about ever 5 to 7 days. I don't understand why KRR does not keep its data after an update. All my other applications are not effected by the update, just KRR.

I will check and see if I can back up the Database, but as of right now KRR is still scanning the files and will not respond during that process. Thought I would post this and see if there was some way for KRR to save its data before an Windows Update.