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Thread: KRR and network drive

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    KRR and network drive

    A few days ago I bought network drive and obviously moved media there.
    Added folders to KRR, I can see folder structure and all but non of the files now are playing. I get message "media format not supported".
    Any idea how to resolve this?


    P.S. when files were hosted on HDD they were fine and watchable, nothing changed except I have moved files to network drive

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    I have even tried with mapping network drive to network disk (assigned letter and put to attach after restart) and added folder to KRR as I did the same way all other disk drives folders but nothing changed.

    Any thoughts or ideas would be welcome.


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    Try loading the files from the network drive to KRR. KRR points to where the files were loaded from. If the HDD is no longer connected, then you will need to blow away your folders and reinstall your video files from the network drive. If you don't have may files, you can try to change the file path on each individual video file. Hope this helps...

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    "Try loading the files from the network drive to KRR"
    How do you mean? Isn't adding folder the only way to add network folders? Network drive is available (along with files) because I can navigate to build-in media server and play from it without problem...
    I have already stumbled upon the above mentioned error which was connected to missing files, but with network drive this is not the case.



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