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Thread: Remote player not playing after BSoD

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    Remote player not playing after BSoD

    The remote player function has stopped working for me after I suffered a Blue Screen of Death. Could be co-incidence, but I would not be surprised if it's related. This is on a Windows 7 x64 machine. I'm attempting to play files to a Denon DNP-720AE network media player and all was working well before the BSoD. Now when I try to play music using the remote player, the track titles turn green in turn as though there are playing, but the DNP-720AE does not play them. Additionally, the blue "Play" button stays blue and the "Pause Playback" button remains grey, just as if the "Play" button had not been pressed. Additionally, in the "Status" pane the "Streaming" row just says "Status: Idle" rather than showing the track that is being streamed. So just to be clear, when I press the "Play" button the tracks turn green as if they are playing, but nothing is actually played, and all other indications in KooRaRoo media indicate that nothing is being played.

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled the application (choosing to keep my data) but that has made no difference.

    I have enabled logging, and this is what is logged at the point the "Play" button is pressed, which would indicate that it thinks tracks are being played even though they are not. Please help me to fix this as soon as possible - KooRaRoo Media has been brilliant since I installed and bought it a few months ago and I desperately want it to work again!

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    Attached is the log file from server startup to just after it thinks the first track has started to play.


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    Hi PorkScratching,

    I checked the log and I don't see obvious problems - it says the playback is successful. Have you installed any security programs recently? For example Bitdefender is known to cause BSODs when Kooraroo streams. Most likely one of those programs is blocking the network communication.


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    Thanks for the swift response. The only software I've installed recently was VMware player, about a week ago. I could use the remote player just fine after it was installed, so I don't think it's causing the problem.

    I can also still stream successfully *from* the DNP-720AE by using its menu system to access KooRaRoo Media, so that would indicate network connectivity is ok.

    It is only since the BSoD that I've had a problem, and the problem is *only* with the remote player. When I try and play from the remote player KooRaRoo Media enters an inconsistent state - the track titles turn green as if they are being played, but everything else remains in a state where it doesn't think anything is streaming: when play is pressed in the remote player the buttons don't change in the remote player (the "play" button remains blue and the "pause" button remains greyed-out), the streaming line in the status pane remains as "Status: Idle" rather than showing what is being streamed. But as mentioned, the track titles turn green as though they are being played, and the log indicates that the logging system thinks streaming is occurring. So very much an inconsistent state with some elements of KooRaRoo Media thinking that streaming is occurring, while other elements think it is not.

    If I had to guess I would say that the BSoD has seriously messed up something to do with the remote player, but what I don't know

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    Fixed! I went through all the settings on the DNP-720AE resetting things and then the remote player started working correctly. I had previously rebooted it in case it was the problem, but that obviously wasn't good enough. I'm so pleased! Thanks for investigating it, hopefully this thread will be useful to anybody else in the same situation.

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