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Thread: Photo folder limits - LG TV (2013)

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    Question Photo folder limits - LG TV (2013)

    I have several thousand photos in my database, and this season we enjoyed viewing them in the background as we enjoyed family company.
    Problem is that although KRR will allow folders to have large folders of photos, when i render them on the LG TV, only 999 will be rendered before the folder repeats. As a photo folder begins, the LG tv shows that this is photo 1/999 although there may be 5000+ in the folder itself.

    When the photos were initially loaded, LG came out with a notice the LG does not handle more than 10000 files. It states a DLNA server will be required.

    My only solution so far is to make a series of dynamic lists that will group 999 or less photo files. This makes for many groups and lots of selecting dynamic groups to keep the photos going.

    Is this a Krr limit? or LG?

    Can I get Krr to render a playlist of all dynamic lists to my tv?
    Can I get Krr to stop a folder when completed rather than loop?
    Can I get Krr to upon completion of the first folder, begin the next folder, until my photos are done?


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    Hi alback,

    I apologize for late response. There is no limit for a photos in a single folder for Kooraroo, so looks like it's a problem with that LG TV.

    For rendering a playlist of all dynamic lists - no such feature is available, sorry.
    Stopping a folder vs looping - it's a setting on your TV rather than Kooraroo
    For proceeding to the next folder - we don't support it, but I'll think of possible implementation. I just see some corner-cases that's unclear how to handle. Thank you for suggestion.


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    Hi AR,
    Thanks for the reply. You are correct that KRR doesn't appear to have any file limits within KRR itself. Only when the file list appears on my LG, photo 1 shows 1/999 on my slide show.

    I thought I would see if the file limit resided within the LG. LG states it can handle up to 10000 photos. I added my photo list into my UPnP player from Asustor to compare its performance. My LGTV displayed 1/6889 photos using UPnP and played right through the 6889 list.

    Perhaps you can check out the interface between KRR and LG - something isn't quite connecting?

    once again thanks for the reply.

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    Looks like indeed something is wrong on the interface side. Could you let me know your LG TV model? Thanks


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    Hi AR

    My LG model, LG60LN5750-UA

    Hope this helps,


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    Your reply gave me reason to check out our other LG tv model 32LB5800-UG, which we have never streamed photos (too slow via wireless). It had exactly the same 1/999 limit when selecting to stream the dynamic folder of all photos (6461 at the moment) via KRR.

    Both tv's list under my devices as LG TV 2013 models.



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