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Thread: Thumbnails - photos, update folders, remove orphans...., move files

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    Lightbulb Thumbnails - photos, update folders, remove orphans...., move files

    I would like to see the following additions to KRR.

    1. Photos - add the option for viewing thumbnails of each photo. This would allow quick reference to the user if there are some photos that are in the wrong folder.
    In keeping with the edit process, it would be helpful if the user could drag n drop, or move photos from one folder to another. Options being to select if file is actually moved, or just within the Krr database.

    2. I would like to update folders based upon either my folders within the 3 main categories, Video, Music, Photo or by selecting the category itself. Thereby updating all sub folders within the selected category.

    3. Why is it that when I select to update a folder, the remove orphans - files and folders is not updated at the same time? I have selected to update existing files, add new, and delete inaccessible, but KRR doesn't do it with the update command only. I follow with the update orphans and it updates the entire database. Takes a great deal of time to complete with a rather large database.

    4. If the above cannot be corrected, the the remove orphans and folders should be a right clip menu option, so the user can select the folder that requires the update - not the entire database.

    5. The maintenance and updates in the media library should complete all maintenance for the user, I find the current command falls short. The program says it will take a long time, and it churns the database, but I often find the database has not actually been updated.

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