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Thread: Vizio sees the playlist but files own't play

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    Vizio sees the playlist but files own't play

    Currently I have a Samsung which works with everything (Serviio, Plex, KRR), but I am at my wits-end with my new Vizio. It's an E-series and I am experiencing the same problem with all of the aforementioned programs. The TV will recognize the program(s), see the files in the library, but will not play them. Some are MP4, some AVI, it doesn't seem to matter.

    Any help?

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    Hello usmarinetx,

    Welcome to the forum! If the same problem happens with all of the DLNA servers, then apparently it's a bug in TV's firmware. You might want to see if there's an updated Firmware for the TV, that could fix that problem. Thank you

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