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Thread: KRR 2.40 - issues XP

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    KRR 2.40 - issues XP

    Downloaded 2.4 as an update over recent KRR 2.3x. Worked well on W7 x64, not very well on XP sp3.

    Using XP sp3, KRR was very slow to initiate, virtually hung as I selected options. Played an .avi file to LG TV, had to turn on transcode. Audio was out of sync., fast forward was delayed, file froze at about 3/4 through.

    Versions prior, XP ran better than W7, however .avi files have always been a problem.

    I am going to reload an earlier version to XP to see if problem now persists.


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    Hello alb,

    Sorry for this problem. In the newest version 2.4.0 we changed nothing that could deteriorate the performance for XP. Please check the older version. If it indeed works better - let me know, I'll try to find a workaround. Thanks.


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    Older version on WinXP Sp3 has worked fine, 2.300 - no delays or freezing. AMD processor.

    On the plus side, until 2.400 - my Win7 ultimate always crashed when loading video larger quantities of video files. I am currently loading over 5000, it has crashed one time only. (Win7 64bit that is). Intel processor.

    thank you for your help,

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    I spoke too soon, My Win7 has crashed.

    Krr requested a restart, which ended in losing the device info and could not restart. I re-installed Krr 2.4 and it completely wiped out all previous data information. Fortunately I had some previous backups of KRR datatbase including the latest.

    Krr would not accept the latest database, it continued to crash. I have been able to copy an earlier back-up from March. Much is lost and needs to be re-established.

    I'd like to see an automatic back-up of the database as a user option. Ie if Krr could perform a weekly backup, and provide the option to delete past copies older than 1 month??

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    Hello alback,

    Sorry to hear this. Could you help me to find the cause of the crash by sending to me the memory dump next time the program crashes? To do that make the program crash, open Task Manager, go to Details tab, find KoorarooMedia.exe process, right-click it and select Create Dump. Then please zip and upload that file somewhere. Let me also know which Kooraroo version was it.

    For database backup - great idea, I'll think about implementation. For now you might want to setup any backup program to backup the Kooraroo database folder. Or just copy that folder manually to a backup location.


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    Will give it a try when it happens next, been reloading everything.


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    Using latest 2.40

    I loaded up to 5200 video files yesterday. I had a real problem getting my LG TV to connect with the computer using 2.40 KRR. This was never a problem with earlier versions. That being said, I have added the Asustor NAS to the system too - first time running it.

    KRR 2.40 ran it last night for about 1 hour, then crashed. I ran it again today, it crashed after about 5 minutes. Here is the dump file you requested link will be valid for 48 hrs.

    I plan to copy the database from the computer running 2.40 and use it on the computer using 2.30 which has no problems as yet - still connect to old NAS too though. I will update you on how this goes.

    thanks for your help, and I hope I have explained this with some clarity.

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    Update - for now.

    XP running KRR 2.3 is having no problems with the new Asustor NAS. I have used the identical database file set from the computer running 2.4 (crash dump file above)

    On thing I did come across was..
    XP KRR 2.3 would not start using the 6 .krr files from 2.4. I re-installed the 2.3 database files - then changed only the KooRaRooMediaMain.krr.... it worked fine. I have been running this since for only 1 1/2 hrs. So far, working on LG TV with the exception that 2.3 refused to play .m4v files - 2.4 played the same file last night (until the crash).

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    Hi alback,

    I'm very sorry for the late reply. Thank you very much for the information. I tried to get some information from the memory dump, but it doesn't seem to indicate any crash. Could you please let me know how the program crashes, what do you see on the screen (a screenshot would be great). Thank you



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