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Thread: 2.3.1, still could use some IMDB lookup improvements.

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    2.3.1, still could use some IMDB lookup improvements.

    So it looks as if my issue with duplicate titles has sort of been fixed. Now the original Annie from 1982 is being recognized correctly but there are a few other issues. These seem to stem from not using the embedded IMDB ID that may be included in the tag already if present. Does KooRaRoo not use the embedded IMDB tag if it's there?

    Here you will see that Avatar can never be found on IMDB, even though the tag is set within the mkv already. The actors and graphic never get update. I forced my own .jpg for this one.

    Here you will see I have two movies titled Swingers both happen to have the same title but are completely different movies. KooRaRoo is recognizing both as the Vince Vaughn Swingers from 1996. Again, this seems to stem from just using some sort of name lookup on IMDB instead of using the tag to look up IMDB data. This is a forced .jpg cover art here as well, otherwise they would both have the same cover art from the online query.

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    Hello Tropez,

    Thank you for detailed information and sorry for this problem. Indeed, Kooraroo is using only the movie title as search token. I've just added this feature request to our development list. Thank you for your suggestion.


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    Hello Tropez,

    A bit off-topic but... Where can I find the program you are using to display the internal MKV information?

    - Edwin


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