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Thread: Potential Buyer Questions

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    Potential Buyer Questions

    I'm new here and have been evaluating multiple programs to play my video collection to my TV.

    KooRaRoo seems to be the best one in most aspects, but I still have some points/questions which prevent me from buying it if I don't get a resolution for those first.

    The most crucial point:
    I can't seem to hide/move metadata-columns in the main window. And if I resize them, this is lost again after every restart. This is make or break for me since I really want to hide most columns and resize the title column in a way that even long titles are displayed completely. Is there already a solution for this that I just don't see?

    Further points/questions:
    - I would like to define a default folder which the program uses on startup instead of always starting in "My Home Media"...
    - I would like to define that a double-click on a file initiates the "Play to Device" action.
    - Is there a way to resume playback of a file on my TV if it gets interrupted? If I play it from my USB stick, I can resume where I last left off, but it doesn't seem to work via KooRaRoo streaming...
    - I'm planning on buying a NAS soon and put all my video files there. Can KooRaRoo use a network-folder as library path?
    - How does the "Play to Device" function work with a NAS? Would all data be streamed from the NAS to my laptop (running KooRaRoo) first and from there to my TV or is it smart enough to stream directly from NAS to TV with the laptop only as initiating/controlling third-party?

    Thanks in advance for your support.
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    Hi little_big_man and welcome to Kooraroo forum!

    Thank you for your interest. For hiding the columns - indeed there is no way to do that in the current version, I'm adding this to the future development list. For column resizing - the program remembers the size of the columns, so they should be restored after the program restart. I just double-checked it and it works fine. Could you check again, and if it fails please send a support request with steps to reproduce this issue and ideally with a screenshot.

    Defining a default folder and "Play to" on double-click - I'll think about adding them.
    Resume playback - could you give more information about how it was interrupted?

    For NAS - please check this post:

    We are currently working on making the above configuration step unnecessary.

    How "Play to Device" function work with a NAS - the data will be read from NAS to the laptop and then transferred to the TV. As far as I know there is no way to just initiate the connection, as per DLNA specs the DLNA server must serve the content itself.

    Considering that you tested other DLNA servers too, you might want to take an advantage of the following offer:

    Thank you

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    Hi AR15

    Thanks for the quick answer. Yes, the resizing/remembering actually works, I don't know why it didn't before...maybe if you move folders around it gets reset? But anyway, it's fine now...

    If you talk about the "future development list", then what timeframe is that, i.e. how often are there normally updates of the program?

    With "interrupted" I don't mean because of an error in KooRaRoo, just because e.g. I switch to another TV channel quickly in the middle of a movie and then want to resume playback where I was before. Via USB stick my TV remembers how far the movie has played before and resumes playback at this point again.

    If the data has to go from NAS to the laptop and back to the TV: do you know if that still works smooth or if there are problems doing it this way? Or is there even a way to install KooRaRoo on the NAS itself? I know that some other programs like Plex oder XBMC can be installed on some NAS...

    I'll think about the review, but I really didn't test most products in detail, especially if I realized that they don't have "play to device" functionality or just one that is no better than the standard Windows 7 "Play to" function.

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    For updates - we normally release a new version each 2-3 months. I'm not 100% sure that your request will get into the next update, but we'll try to do that.

    For interrupted playback - I'll check it.

    For NAS - yes it works smooth as long as your network speed exceeds the movie bitrate (which is normally the case). Sorry, there's no way to install Kooraroo on the NAS unless it's running Windows.

    For review- it doesn't need to be comprehensive, we just need to know your opinion on what Kooraroo lacks, and where it beats the competition. Thank you

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    Thanks again for all your answers. Maybe I'll have a NAS before the trial phase is over (I still have 29 days left), then I can test it myself and then decide to buy it (or write a review).

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    I've tested the program now for some days and unfortunately it only works fine most of the time, but sometimes it just crashed in the middle of playback. After some occurrences of the problem I enabled logging and now it just happend again and the log file says the following:
    2014-04-28T17:49:03.440+01:00 [CDBGrowingBufferStream::Read] (3000) INFO: Reading file: <path>\10 - Points.mkv, filesize = 1842926600, curpos = 973880400, bytestoread = 393210, bytesread = 393210
    2014-04-28T17:49:03.450+01:00 [CDBGrowingBufferStream::Read] (3000) INFO: More data to read: <path>\10 - Points.mkv
    2014-04-28T17:49:03.500+01:00 [CDBGrowingBufferStream::Read] (3000) INFO: Reading file: <path>\10 - Points.mkv, filesize = 1842926600, curpos = 974273610, bytestoread = 393210, bytesread = 393210
    2014-04-28T17:49:03.520+01:00 [CDBGrowingBufferStream::Read] (3000) INFO: More data to read: <path>\10 - Points.mkv
    2014-04-28T17:49:03.540+01:00 [CDBGrowingBufferStream::Read] (3000) INFO: Reading file: <path>\10 - Points.mkv, filesize = 1842926600, curpos = 974666820, bytestoread = 393210, bytesread = 393210
    2014-04-28T17:49:03.550+01:00 [CDBGrowingBufferStream::Read] (3000) INFO: More data to read: <path>\10 - Points.mkv
    2014-04-28T17:49:06.310+01:00 [CThreadWatchFolders::ProcessFolders] (8392) INFO: Currently streaming files and running folder update
    2014-04-28T17:49:06.310+01:00 [CThreadWatchFolders::ProcessFolders] (8392) INFO: Found 0 folders to process
    2014-04-28T17:49:06.310+01:00 [CThreadWatchFolders::ProcessFoldersLive] (8392) INFO: Found 0 live folders to process
    2014-04-28T17:49:24.140+01:00 [PLT_HttpServerSocketTask::Write] (3000) WARNING: NPT_CHECK failed, result=-20400 (NPT_ERROR_CONNECTION_RESET) [(SendResponseBody(response, *output_stream))]
    2014-04-28T17:49:24.140+01:00 [CDBGrowingBufferStream::~CDBGrowingBufferStream] (3000) INFO: Closed file: <path>\10 - Points.mkv
    Do you know what an NPT_CHECK is and why it can fail?

    I'll get my NAS tomorrow and can then test how it works with it...but I'm actually hopeful that with this Synology NAS I might not even need KooRaRoo since they have their own Video Station software. But it would still be nice to know that if this Synology software disappoints that KooRaRoo might be the better alternative. However, only if these crashes can be stopped from happening every couple of playback hours...

    My TV is a Samsung UE46D8000.
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    Looks like some networking issue. Could you please send the me the crash dump using the instruction in this post:

    Thank you!


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