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Thread: Streaming issue

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    Streaming issue

    my issue is I will be watching a movie and all of a sudden it will stop streaming that movie and start the next one in the line. I am running the software on windows server2008r2 with 16 gig memory software was installed with default settings. I know the entire movie is on the drive just don't know why it is jumping to the next movie?


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    This could be because of several reasons:

    1) the device profile is not set correctly
    2) transcoding is not fast enough for real-time playback
    3) a network issue is cutting the connection

    Can you please tell us the make and model of your DLNA device? Also, please go to Devices pane in KRR and see which device profile is used for it.

    Do you know if the video is being sent natively or transcoded? If you are not sure, please right-click on that video in KRR and post the output of the File Information command (or send it to support).


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