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Thread: Using a Pioneer A4 WiFi speaker

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    Using a Pioneer A4 WiFi speaker

    I'm using KooRaRoo on A Windows 7 Home Premium system.
    I play music files in MP to the following device - Pioneer A4 WiFi Speaker, using the Device Definition: Pioneer AVR / Hi-Fi - Transcoding enabled.
    This seems to work fine.
    But is this the correct definition to use?

    Can a video file in MP4 be played directly to this device?
    I realize that the speaker can't show any video. But can it play just the embedded audio File?
    The procedure I use presently is - download a MP4 file, save it. Strip out the audio as an MP3 file, with a separate program, and save it. Then play the MP3 file. A bit of work, but it get's results.
    Is there a simpler procedure?
    Regards - TolyK{)8<3O

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    Yes, that's the correct way. The device wouldn't understand a video file and would refuse to play it in any case. The only other way I see that this can be done is by modifying the device profile and then creating a dummy video container which would contain no video and only audio and would then fool the device into playing that. From the transcoding side, KRR would strip out the video then. I don't know if that'll work, but we can try, if you'd like - just open a support ticket mentioning this thread then.

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    Thanks for the quick reply!
    I'll just stick with the procedure I'm using. Since I strip out the audio already, and KRR plays that directly why complicate things with a "dummy video container".


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