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    MX Player xvid

    I couldn't work out why one of my tablets insisted on transcoding a file using MX Player. There wasn't an entry for Xvid so I copied the parameters from another device so it now looks as follows. I don't know what mp3_relaxed is though!

    	<Format id="avi" format="avi" encode="0">
    					<Codec id="mpeg4" />
    					<Codec id="mp3" />
    					<Codec id="mpeg4_xvid" />
    					<Codec id="ac3" />
    					<Codec id="mp2" />
    					<Codec id="mp3_relaxed" />

    MX Player was happy with this and played the video natively.

    I'm not sure if this type of feedback is useful and whether you would use it for future release?

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    Thank you - yes, this is great and I'll add this to the official device profile as well. The "mp3_relaxed" means that MP3 audio with any bitrate will be played natively, not only those with well-defined bitrates (such as 128k).


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