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Thread: Cannot See Any Devices

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    Actually, this was not resolved, but not for lack of trying. Dennis and I exchanged multiple emails via Support trying to fix my problem. It came down to me contacting my ISP (Verizon) and modem manufacturer (Actiontec) to try and get my devices on the same subnet. Despite my best efforts, I was never able to get anything close to a solution to this from either Verizon or Actiontec. I was mostly ignored or given crazy responses that didn't address my simple question.
    Although I could never get KRR to work for me with my current setup, I am keeping the software installed in case there are any changes - if I move in the near future for example. One thing I learned from this experience is that there is no finer software support than for KRR. I've dealt with many, many tech support shops and none came close to Dennis in both his tech knowledge (in KRR and systems in general) as well as his promptness in responding to questions, issues, etc.

    I actually came close to purchasing the software (I am using the trial version) just to show my support, however as an old guy on a fixed income, I need to make sure something I purchase can actually be useful to me to justify the $$$

    Thanks, Dennis, for your efforts on my behalf and all the best! John

    If you can get it to work, KRR looks like excellent software and something I could really use.

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    John, thank you and I'm sorry that we didn't get things with your setup. There was another person in this thread who had a different problem and that was solved. This is the problem when multiple issues are mixed in one thread

    Perhaps if you do another round with the ISP tech support, they'd be able to sort it out. Alternatively, we could try going through router configuration screenshots to see if we pick up anything.

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    After a quick look some Verizon Actiontech DSL modems have IGMP proxy setting but some also a separate setup to enable each UPnP device.

    Link to one type check page 62

    IGMP proxy enable does effect up and down steam multicasting which in my case prevented proper multicasting of DLNA programs across wired/wireless barrier. Actiontechtech makes many styles of modems for Verizon including MOCA (most FIOS), DSL, VDSL, ONT Ethernet connected FIOS 100Mb and over.

    Glad to help if I can

    Great program Dennis


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