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Thread: Several ideas and feedback

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    Several ideas and feedback

    Hi all,
    KooRaRoo is pretty good DLNA server, but some things can make it even better:

    a) Transcoding:

    - each device should have it's own list of file extensions to choose - transcode them or send to device "as is"
    - when I'm "playing to" APE file (lossless format) at my AV-receiver it's transcoded to MP3 (lossy format!!!)? Why not to WAV or FLAC? There's no setting to change transcoding parameters for audio and video...

    b) Device grouping: it'll be nice to have a possibility to group several device and send file to them simultaneously.

    c) Russian names from IMDB data are shown corrupted. Probably the same for another non-English data.

    d) ISO (BlueRay and DVD) attachment: it'll be nice to have a possibility to attach ISO or DVD to server folder and transfer/play it content to TV

    e) IPTV playlists attachment: it'll be nice to have a possibility to attach IPTV playlist, transcode it (via VLC or internally) and transfer/play it content to TV

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    Thank you for the suggestions!

    a) This is configurable via device profiles - it requires manual editing of the text file, but I'm happy to help tweak existing profiles or create new ones as needed - just let me know what needs to be done. Conversion from APE to WAV/FLAC/etc... is also configured via device profiles. Which device profile are you using?

    b) This is a planned feature

    c) Can you please send me the title of a movie that shows this, so that I could reproduce it here?

    d-e) Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by "attachment"? Can you please give an example? KRR supports streaming DVD and ISO images at the moment and will transcode those to suit formats supported by the end device. Streaming online video is a planned feature as well (you can stream online radio stations now).

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    Hi Dennis,

    a) I have Yamaha RX-V673 (profile: Yamaha AVR)
    b, e) ok, fine

    c) Seems like it's not IMDB/TheMovieDB problem - it more a problem of decoding UTF-8 MKV mediainfo "Movie name" tag to CP1251, not to UTF-8.

    For example:
    "Наша вселенная" is decoded as unreadable "РќРшРВсРРРРЅРЅРСЏ"

    Unique ID : 174861817038259804279373705101792408100 (0x838D29347033324888897D9692927224)
    Complete name : D:\Shared\Андрей - фильмы 3D\OurUniverse(2013)3D-halfOU(Ash61).mkv
    Format : Matroska
    Format version : Version 2
    File size : 3.84 GiB
    Duration : 51mn 33s
    Overall bit rate : 10.7 Mbps
    Movie name : Наша Вселенная / Our Universe (2013) 3D
    Encoded date : UTC 2013-11-16 13:54:10
    Writing application : mkvmerge v5.8.0 ('No Sleep / Pillow') built on Sep 2 2012 15:37:04
    Writing library : libebml v1.2.3 + libmatroska v1.3.0

    See screenshot attached.
    screen 1.jpg

    d) Blue-ray ISO is a container for several files. You cannot send .ISO to TV and watch it - first you need to represent it's file structure at server side and next you can choose BDMV\STREAM\00000.m2ts and play it.
    DVD has several files in a directory. Main file is VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.IFO - but it's not possible to run it (or play it) and watch the whole film - you have to run each .VOB file now.
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    Please open a support ticket and I'll send you an updated profile to encode APE to a lossless format.

    I do see a lot of files that have their metadata encoded using various code pages. Unfortunately the tag itself doesn't specify the encoding and it's not possible to detect it reliably (at least not knowing the language it's supposed to be in). There are two ways to solve this that I see. One is for KRR to allow you to specify a code page to use when reading in metadata (but this will break UTF-8 encoded files and files in other languages). The other is to manually correct titles using File Properties (which is what happens now). I'm happy to discuss how this can be improved.

    Yes, I know that ISO is a container, what I meant is that at the moment KRR will send it to the device as a single MPEG2 (or whatever the format appropriate for the device is), so you'd see some menus play first and then the main feature. This will be improved with a structure similar to current VIDEO_TS folder processing for DVDs.

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    Раньше пользовался PLEX с удовольствием перешел на KooRaRoo Мedia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by larissa View Post
    Раньше пользовался PLEX с удовольствием перешел на KooRaRoo Мedia.


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