KooRaRoo Media has been updated to version 2.3.0 and is now available for you to download and install.

The new and enhanced features include:

  • New: Allow embedding external subtitles as a stream in video containers.
  • New: Add more control over file dimensions.
  • New: Add more sorting criteria to playlists - date created, date modified and track number.
  • New: Optionally capitalize folder names for some devices to deal with case-sensitive sorting issues on those devices.
  • New: Allow setting custom thumbnail size as stored and used by KooRaRoo for devices that require larger thumbnails than the standard.
  • New: Allow creating thumbnails and images with exact dimensions and custom background to fill in the canvas.
  • New: Support for burning-in DVB subtitles.
  • New: Added track column to the main view.
  • Improved: AIFF file processing.
  • Improved: DVD and DVB subtitle processing.
  • Improved: Scaling for certain transcoded formats.
  • Improved: Parsing of certain external metadata files.
  • New devices: Grace Digital Mondo, Orange LiveBox Play
  • Device improvements: LG BDPs, LG TVs, Microsoft Xbox 360, Panasonic BDPs, Philips TVs, Sony Playstation 3, Vizio TVs, WD TV Live
  • Fixed: Duplicate devices detected in some cases.
  • Fixed: Sort order not same as in Windows with some special characters.
  • Fixed: Renaming parental ratings could incorrectly rename some playlists.
  • Other minor fixes and enhancements.

Please download from our site http://www.kooraroo.com/download.php.

Thank you.