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Thread: KooRaKoo not visible on LiveBox Play

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    KooRaKoo not visible on LiveBox Play

    First I want to say that it's really a fantastic soft.
    The only bad thing, is the fact that I have a media center box that doesn't see the KooRaKoo server running on my PC. This material see the serviio server running on another PC.
    I'm a french user, the box is a LiveBox Play (orange provider) the spec of this material can be foundf here :

    If you have a solution for me, it will be great... :-)

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    I'm glad you like KooRaRoo - thank you!

    I'd be happy to create a new device profile for the LiveBox Play - please open a support ticket through mentioning this thread and I'll send you something to try. We can also work out why KRR is not coming up on the unit in the first place.


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