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Thread: Thanks from a new user...

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    Thanks from a new user...

    I spent hours trying to get Serviio working with the DLNA client in my inexpensive 26" Vizio LCD TVs. Seems that client will only play mpeg2 encoded files and streaming would abort whenever transcoding was attempted. I was led to believe that the client, not being certified by the DLNA org, was hopelessly deficient. Than, I was referred to KRR by another Vizio owner and had transcoding working to this same client within 10 minutes of loading the server. The Vizio client really isn't very good but KRR seems to be able to establish and maintain a transcoded stream to it anyway.

    I haven't had a chance to really work with KRR yet but so far, it seems to do what I need and I really like the interface. I'm looking forward to learning a lot more about it...

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    Thank you for the positive feedback - I am glad that KooRaRoo works for you!

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    totally agree. KRR streams to everything i have (PBO, WDTV Live, Samsung BD, PS3) flawlessly with no buffering. thanks for the frequent updates Dennis.

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