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    Language maps


    I have a lot of movies (.mkv) with mutible audio traks my kids like to watch those in dutch while I like to watch them in the original language. My TV (LG LA6080) only suports the main (1th) audiotrack so i need to remux the audio to dutch for the kids. But if I want to watch I need to undo that to hear the original language. Could KooRaRoo get a feature to build maps in wich the preferd languages can be diferent so i can have the same movie in a Dutch and a English map?

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    You mean like a multiple choice on the TV itself? So, you'd have the same movie listed with all possible combinations of languages? If so, then yes, that's a planned feature for one of the future updates. Or do you mean some other way to do this? I'm happy to discuss the best way to do this.

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    He Dennis,

    I was thinking of a map in the same line as Year, director ect. so the kids kan check the dutch movies map.
    But listing all posible movie language combinations works for me to. I hope to see it soon

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    By "map" do you mean "tree" then? For example, to have a movie and a subfolder under it with one movie file in a certain language per subfolder? That can work too of course.

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    Yes thats what i mean.
    Keep up the good work! And a good 2014 to you.

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