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Thread: Reboot of computer

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    Reboot of computer

    I had trouble with my media computer and had to reinstall my operating system Windows 7 64 Ultimate. After installing KooRaRoo I could see same on my DLNA clients. But upon reboot the server no longer showed on the clients. Checked my router, etc. Reinstalled KooRaRoio at which time I could see server but again when I reboot server no longer available. Set up small homegroup when my IPad could see even after reboot When I started RooRaRoo media and stopped server and restarted then could see server. Deleted Windows home group and set RooRaRoo service to Automatic (Delay Start) which corrected the trouble on reboot. I do not remember having to set delayed start for KooRaRoo previously. Any thoughts? System is running ok with delayed start>

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    If it's running ok with delayed start it means that the network card is a bit slow to initialize and KooRaRoo server (service) gets loaded upon Windows start up before the network card completes its initialization. This causes KRR server not to see the card, which in turn means it can't use it to discover devices on the network. This is not uncommon, so just keep on using delayed start and it should be fine.


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