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Thread: KooRaRoo - free version crashing

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    No problem - I would hate going through a series of BSODs myself. Can you please tell me what antivirus/firewall you are running on the first PC? This is the first thing I'd investigate. The second is your graphics card - can you please tell me the make and model and whether you are using stock or custom drivers for it?

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    Just wanted to express my thanks to Dennis on the forum. Dennis has sent a great deal of advise on how to resolve issues with this software. Totally amazing considering it was a free copy. I purchased my full version today, I believe KRR is the best Gui, and offers many more features that other dlna servers.

    Still some issues, which I am confident, he will resolve.


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    Thank you - I appreciate it! I'm sure we'll sort out the rest of the issues as well of course


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