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Thread: Netgear NeoTV NTV300SL

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    Netgear NeoTV NTV300SL

    I have a couple of of the Netgear NeoTV NTV300SL devices and noticed that it shows a lot of the files as being 16.00GB when they are no where near that large. Why would it be doing this? I am using the profile for Netgear NeoTV 550.

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    That would be shown for files that are going to be transcoded. Do these files play if you disable transcoding (via Device properties in the Devices pane)? If they do, we'll need to the add them to the device profile, so that they are passed through natively.

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    I am noticed a new issue I have been having with these devices. For some reason any video file I try to play on these devices keep freezing every couple of seconds.

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    Do you know if these videos are being transcoded or sent natively? You can check the Status pane to see that.

    It'll help me if I can see the logs of that to understand the issue better. Please enable logging by ticking the Enable Logging item under the Tools menu. After that restart the server and try streaming one of those videos again. Once it starts to freeze, sop the server and send the logs through To find the logs, please go to Tools -> Options -> File Locations and click the Open button on the Logs folder.


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