I am suddenly getting a lot of audio stuttering/repeating audio which is knocking the audio and video out of sync on files that I didnt have a problem on up through version 1.4.
If I pause the file it will sync back up upon playback for a few seconds or maybe a minute in most cases, then stutter or repeat the last audio again and be back out of sync. These files played fine under the previous version.
When 1.5.1 upgraded it did install the x64 version, and I have already made the changes to the transcoding folder, as well as rebooting the media server.
This is happening on both my BD-C6500 and my BD-C6700 units. These files I am playing back are streaming not transcoding, and never had an issue before.

Second question is: in a case like this, is there an ftp site or such where we can get the older builds to reinstall if necessary in a pinch?