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    I'm a new poster and just installed KKR last night on my laptop based on a recommendation from a poster on AVSForum. It sees all my devices (Oppo BDP105(profile BDP93#, Pioneer Plasma TV#profile pioneer KURO#, Synology DS1812+ NAS#profile pioneer KURO?# and others#see attachment#.

    Problem is that i cant seem to play any music#flac, mp3# or videos#mp4, flv#. I point to "Send to BDP105" and then i see a spinning wheel on my TV as though its trying to read or play the file but cant find it. Its the equivalent of MS Windows hourglass that hangs forever. I gave up after 15 minutes of attempting to play the music or video files.

    What could be wrong here? I thought it would be a simple plug and play but after 12 hours or so, i'm stumped!

    I tried to open up the recommended ports#1900/2869# through my new firewall #Bit Defender 2013# but i'm not sure how to do it so i'm in contact with their support personnel.
    I have a Netgear router WNDR3700 which has some 'port stuff' so i'm not sure if ports need to be opened in their as well.

    Assuming its not a port issue, why can't i simply play my media once i point to it?

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