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Thread: Netgear Neotv Seeing Image Files but not video files

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    Netgear Neotv Seeing Image Files but not video files

    I have folders setup in Kooraroo that are used for video files when I set them up I selected only the video selection. I have image files for each of the video files in the same folder as the video file so that on my playstation the file has an image. On my Netgear Neotv device when I go to ky DLNA server all it shows is image files but no video files. The setup I have works fine for all other devices. Any ideas why this is happening?

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    Can you please tell me which device profile you are using for the Neotv? If you are not sure, check the Devices pane.

    I can build a dedicated device profile for Netgear Neotv - just open a support ticket through and I'll be happy to send you one to try and get videos going on the device

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    I have tries the Default Device profile and the Netgear Digital Entertainer Live profile. Sometimes if I reload everything the Netgear NeoTV device will work for a little while but then it goes back to seeing just the image files even though I have the folders set for just the video files.

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    Thanks for letting me know. I've replied to your support request, so we'll get this going via e-mail using the new device profile I sent you.


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