Starting from v1.5.0, KooRaRoo Media now comes in two versions: 32-bit and 64-bit. These update notes are relevant mostly for those who are running an older version of KooRaRoo (prior to v1.5.0) and are updating to v1.5.0 or above.

All versions prior to v1.5.0 were 32-bit, so if you are running a 64-bit OS you now have an option to install a native build for your OS, however this requires a small manual change after installation finishes. Please read on.

During installation of v1.5.0 or above, if KooRaRoo detects that you have a version with different architecture (e.g. you are installing a 64-bit version, but already have a 32-bit version installed or vice-versa) it will prompt to uninstall the current version. You must uninstall it to continue the installation, but you can keep your media library intact. If you keep your media library intact, then some of the folders in the File Locations settings under Options may point to non-existing locations, namely the "Transcoders" folder, if you originally installed using the default installation paths. This is due to the fact that 32-bit programs are installed into "Program Files (x86)", while 64-bit programs are installed into "Program Files" on 64-bit Windows.

To fix this, after the installation, run KooRaRoo Media GUI, go to Tools -> Options -> File Locations, click on the small button [...] in the Transcoders folder and select KRR's new installation path. After that click OK to apply and restart the GUI (and the server if it was started). To check that the change works, you can simply right-click on any media file in KooRaRoo and select "File Information". If you see actual file information, then it's all ok. If you get an error, please re-check the folder that you've set in File Locations and if in doubt, open a ticket via

So, to outline the steps that need to be taken:

  1. run KooRaRoo's installer
  2. if it prompts to uninstall the current version, do so, but keep the media library
  3. let installation finish and run KooRaRoo GUI
  4. go to Tools -> Options -> File Locations
  5. click the small button [...] on the Transcoders folder and select the path where KooRaRoo has been installed (see below for default installation paths)
  6. click OK to apply and test using "File Information" command

Default installation paths:

32-bit Windows: C:\Program Files\KooRaRoo Media
64-bit Windows, 32-bit KooRaRoo Media: C:\Program Files (x86)\KooRaRoo Media
64-bit Windows, 64-bit KooRaRoo Media: C:\Program Files\KooRaRoo Media

If you decide to remove the media library during uninstallation, then you don't have to perform any of these steps, because the new media library will contain the correct path. This topic applies only when you are updating and keeping your media library.