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Thread: How to kill a Transcode que?

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    How to kill a Transcode que?

    I recently had to do a clean install of the OS on my system, as such I had to re-install Kooraroo and rebuild the library.

    Had issues with kooraroo not wanting to stream my vids so I tinkered with transcoding options to try and resolve.

    Issue turned out not to be with kooraroo but rather folder permisions, however I now have like 300 vids qued to be transcoded. Don't really want this, I understand why kooraroo has done this, because I checked the "automatically transcode new incompatible files" box in the transcode tab on my device during my tinkerthon.

    I have now unchecked that but still have the transcode que to deal with. I can't seem to find a way to remove the entire transcode que and one by one is going to take more time than I'd care to waste on such a task.

    Most of the vids don't even need transcoding as I still need to tweak the devices script and the transcode job is hogging most of my systems resources.

    Anyway of nuking the transcode que all at once?

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    Yes, simply go to Actions and use the "Clear Transcoding Queue" command there. You'll have a few options there, so choose one that works best for you (probably clear all).

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    How'd I miss that? Ha!

    Thanx mate


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