My background....I had a dlink boxee box. I rip my DVD and blue-rays to m4v files using DVDFAB. The boxee treated the TV shows differently. The determination was made by a combination of a designated folder for episodic TV show and TV show specific nfo files. What I see is kooraroo simply lists each episode as it's own thumbnail. I am now using a Sony NSZ-GS7 running the ViMu app. Can you set up some sort of distinctive functionality for TV Series? Plex has some of this functionality, but Plex is somewhat heavy as an application. Plus Plex has some real issues with many of my files. The boxee handled them fine, but not plex. So far, so good with Kooraroo.

Arggghh trying to use this forum with a tablet is maddening. This is the 3rd time I am typing this.

Why are the thumbnails blurry?

Can kooraroo examine my library and transcode all files needing it and save them in place of the originals?