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Thread: New Problem with Palyback

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    New Problem with Palyback

    Hello again,

    Now as I have tried several settings to modify the codecs used to transcode for my TV I have a new problem which I can not solve.

    As I changed the codecs for my device it all works out perfectly with transcoded files.

    BUT files that actually do NOT have to be transcoded are now not working properly anymore.

    As I start one of them I don't get playback at the last none time in a Video. It just starts at the beginning.
    Also I cannot go forward or backwards in the File. I always get an error saying "this Function is not available at this time"

    I have an LG 2013 LA6418 Smart TV.

    Hope you can help me.

    Best Regards

    My devices library (only changed LG LA6418 settings and the codec for ac3):

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    You've adjusted the "LG TV (2013 models)" profile, right?

    You could simply add default="1" to the MKV container to make it default when transcoding, like so:

    <Format id="matroska" format="matroska,webm" dlna="MKV" encode="1" default="1">

    Can you please post the output of the File Information for one of the files that doesn't play anymore using your new profile? I noticed that you removed AVCHD file support from the profile - is this on purpose or accidental?

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    I remnoved everything on purpose.

    As my TV (its specifically tested for the 47LA6418 from LG) supports that codec and it worked just fine and had the best quality I removed everything else.

    where do i get the file information?

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    The way it works is that whatever is not in the profile, gets transcoded. So, if you removed AVCHD, these files will need to be transcoded, when they should actually play natively (and be part of the profile).

    To get the file information, please right-click on the video in KRR's GUI and use the "File Information" command. Thanks!

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    Ok I understand now better.

    Replaced the tempered file with the original one and replaced the audio (as I had problems with it).

    one file information is given here:


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    Thank you for the file information.

    Please try changing "aac" to "aac_nolimit" and see if it plays ok. So, something like this:

                    <Format id="matroska" format="matroska,webm" mime="video/x-mkv" dlna="MATROSKA" encode="1">
                        <Codec id="h264_level41high" />
                        <Codec id="mpeg4" />
                        <Codec id="aac_nolimit" />
                        <Codec id="ac3" />
                        <Codec id="mp3" />


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