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Thread: KRR sometimes seems to get the file type wrong in the media information

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    KRR sometimes seems to get the file type wrong in the media information

    I have a number of files which have an extension of mp4...

    But in the media browser, it shows it as an adp file. Which it certainly isn't...

    Now, the files were being downloaded to the directory that is being scanned.

    Could that have anything to do with it?


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    I have seen this happen on a rare occasion. Can you please try deleting one of those files from the media library and then update the folder and see if it comes up correctly?

    If it helps, then yes, it's possible that the file was being read while it was still downloading and full media information was not correctly loaded. There is a fix that's planned for the next update to help with this. If reloading the file doesn't help, please right-click on it and post the output of the File Information command (or send it to support).

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    Yeah, I tried deleting it it, but then KRR refused to see the file again. ie I tried refreshing the entire directory, and it refused to re load the file off disc...

    As a side note, I found that when I was clicked onto my videos folder (one I manually added) the Add option in the menu gave me greyed out options. It refused to allow me to manually add the file back. This seems like a bug.

    I wonder if you need an option to just say "read exactly what's on disc. Don't try to do anything clever"

    I often find that software that tries to be too clever, fails miserably. I organise my video files by moving them around. I would like a mode where KRR just respects that.

    Just show me exactly what's on disk.

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    What you'd need to do is right-click on that disk playlist (blue folder) in the tree and use the Update Folder command. This reloads the files/subfolders. The Add command is for adding new folders or playlists and this is not possible under an existing disk folder, since it's structure is dictated by what's actually on disk.

    The Refresh command only refreshes the view from the database, but doesn't reload contents from disk.

    You can also turn off metadata processing or adjust how it works using two pages in Tools -> Options: Update Folders and Advanced. These will let you define what you want processed and what you want to exclude. So, you could dumb KRR down a bit

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    I realize you are trans-coding, but is there a way to jump around, sometimes I stop a video and then need to get to the middle when I restart.

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    Hi alison3492,

    Unfortunately you can't jump to the middle until the transcoding is complete. Thanks



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