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Thread: Profile for Avermedia O272

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    Profile for Avermedia O272


    I am new to KRR and want to know if there's a profile for Avermedia O272 Mediaplayer?

    Actually I'm using the LG BDP profile to test some functions. But it's difficult to say, things don't work because of the false profile or I'm wrong. At the moment the only thing I can do is to stream mp3-files to the O272. FLAC-files will be transcoded to mp3 though the O272 is able to play the FLAC-format. Also it's not possible to access to my files on the KRR media server when I want to call them from the O272 (this works when I use the Windows Media Player 11).

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    Hello Michael,

    There is no profile for the player at the moment, but please send an e-mail to support (at) kooraroo (dot) com and I'll create one and send it to you to test.

    I'd recommend trying a profile for Xtreamer or Dune HD1 which seem similar in supported formats and we can then build up a new profile based on either of those two.

    Once we have a correct or working profile, we'll look at why the files cannot be played from the device. Do you see the files and you get an error when you try to play them or you don't see the files at all?

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