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Thread: Fast foward does not work on Dish

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    Fast foward does not work on Dish

    I realize you are trans-coding, but is there a way to jump around, sometimes I stop a video and then need to get to the middle when I restart.

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    You may be able to jump/skip through the video even when it's transcoded. It may or may not work while the video is being transcoded, but it should work once it has been fully transcoded.

    I'd be happy to look into this further - please open a ticket through and we'll sort this out.

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    This is a problem for me also. I normally fall asleep halfway through a film and the next day want to get back to the last point I remember without watching the whole film again, or would it be possible to program the system so that when you switch on and play your device it automatically starts from where you last left off (just like Netflix) ?

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    Resuming from the last watched position is something that the player has to support initially, because if a player (device) requests to start playback from the beginning, the server (KRR) has to oblige. Some devices will keep track of where you stopped and unless you turn the device off, will resume.

    With FF/REW on the Dish - if this never works, then please open up a support ticket and we'll look at this in more detail.


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