Hi.. I am new to this forum and recently just discovered this wonderful DLNA Server App.. Up till now, I was using apps like
Tversity and PS3 Media but love the clean look and feel of this app so far..

A few things I wanted to ask though.. I watch alot of Japanese Anime and most of the subs are embedded in the .mkv
format so will your app be able to stream the subs and display them during transcoding?

Also, I have used a few other apps that also allow you to restrict access to certain playlists according to the MAC address
or IP Address.. I am bringing this up cuz I do stream in other parts of the house but don't want certain playlist
to be able to be viewed...

So far, I must say I love the app though.. great so far and I look forward to future upgrades as well..

FYI.. I have used Mezzmo, Universal Media Server, PS3 Media Server, Wild Media Server and NeroMedia Home.. So far, this app
has taken some of the best features and has made it very easy to use.. Much Mahalos!!