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Thread: AVC format with Sony Bravia 2012 (KDL-46HX850)

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    Does this happen when you burn-in subtitles? Burning-in subtitles requires full transcoding and this is where MPEG2 encoding is typically faster (but with a higher bitrate and a bit of a quality loss). We can certainly work on improving your numbers, as that seems to be really, really slow, given your hardware.

    Please send in a log showing the issue to support and I'll work on it with you.

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    You. Are. Awesome! And you're making this into the best DLNA transcoder. Ever.

    I'll compare FPS with and w/o subtitles in an hour or so.

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    I've got the exact same FPS when fully transcoding, with or without burned subtitles. Apparently, there is no overhead when overlaying the subs.

    Fully transcoding to MPEG2 is done about 4 times faster, at an average of 52 FPS. Obviously, I've used the same file as an input source.

    MPEG2: 52 FPS, CPU usage: 38%
    AVCHD: 17 FPS, CPU usage: 100%
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    Right, but without subtitles many (most?) files should be remuxed, since the device profiles allows for it.

    Still, I would've expected full transcoding to be faster for AVCHD given your CPU, so we'll try to work out how to optimize it through support.

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    Of course, thanks.

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