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Thread: USA Dish network Hopper Profile

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    USA Dish network Hopper Profile

    My DVR sees KooRaRoo and I am able to stream music wonderfully. I am able to stream video files which I encoded, but video files which I've acquired through other sources do not play. The local interface tries to play the file, then jumps to the next file in queue and then to the next, etc. I've tried the suggestions in the forums and faqs. The device is seen as default device. I cannot tell KooRaRoo to use NTSC on it.

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    Please try using one of the DirecTV profiles on it and see if that's better. If not, then we can certainly create a new device profile for it. To do that, please enable logging (tick the Enable Logging item under the Tools menu), then restart the server, connect to KRR from your device and try playing one file (if it plays, just for a few seconds). After that stop the server and send the logs to support (at) kooraroo (dot) com. To find the logs, please go to Tools -> Options -> File Locations and click the Open button on the Logs folder.


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