KooRaRoo can auto-detect many devices on its own, but sometimes manufacturers don't provide unique information about their client or it may be missing altogether.

It is important for KooRaRoo to know what your device is, so that it can send proper file formats to it.

To check and select (if needed) a device profile, please follow these steps:

1) run KooRaRoo GUI
2) go to Devices pane
3) check entries there to see if your devices have been auto-detected - see the Device definition - if it says Default device then your device was not auto-detected, if that's the case go to next step
4) find your device using the IP and MAC addresses provided (you can check on your device what IP/MAC it uses, typically under Network Settings)
5) double-click on it in KRR to bring up its properties
6) on the General tab, open up the Device drop-down list and select your device or the closest to it and click OK to apply - there is no need to restart the server, your changes will apply straight away

If your device is missing, please open up a support ticket and we'll create a profile for your device.