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Thread: Sony Bravia TV

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    Sony Bravia TV

    Just starting to work with KooRaRoo so maybe my unfamiliarity with the product isn't helping. (the good news is, quite a lot of stuff works ok so of course you don't get to hear about that). I'll post another thread about different aspects of the server end.

    I am having problems with a brand new Sony 40" smart "Bravia" tv KDL-40EX645. Here is the manufacturer's page:

    I tried both 2011 and 2012 Bravia TV settings, each gives different problems. The biggest problem is that I cannot play .mkv files on this device. The same files work fine on Android (after I discovered that setting the android PLAYER rather than the tablet or phone does the trick) in MX player. The same files play fine on a Samsung TV, also 40", from 2011.

    I've tried various tweaks to the available settings. I can describe the symptoms in greater detail but I suspect that right now you may have questions. One thing I don't in general understand is this: I can set all these different devices, but the settings corresponding to the devices are not available to me individually. Is there any way to "get at" those underlying settings?



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    From the looks of it, your TV may need a new device profile and I'd be happy to provide you with one.

    The best way to do this, is if you could enable logging by ticking the Enable Logging item under the Tools menu. After that restart the server using the stop/start button on the toolbar. Then browse KRR server using your TV (just go into one folder) and try playing any file for a few seconds. Then stop the server and send the logs to support (at) kooraroo (dot) com. To find the logs, go to Tools -> Options -> File Locations and click the Open button on the Logs folder. The logs will give me information about the TV and I can build a new device profile based on that.

    Also, as a test, try turning transcoding off and see if that MKV plays. To do that, go to Devices pane, double-click on your TV to bring up the properties, go to Transcoding tab and untick the transcoding checkbox there. Please let me know if that works or not (in the e-mail with the logs).

    Individual format support and other settings are controlled via a device profile, which is a text file called KooRaRooDevices.krrx and it's located in the Databases folder.

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    PM-ing the log shortly.

    I didn't leave it on for the second test. What happened was instead of 7 mkv videos showing "not playable", 4 disappeared from the list and 3 became playable.

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    Thanks for the logs - I've replied via PM.

    Please also send in logs for the second test, as it would show what the TV accepts and what it doesn't. When you send them in (to the support e-mail), please also tell me which 4 files did not show up on the TV, so that I know.

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    Sorry for the imprecise information. I was not nearly careful enough the first time.

    The other oddity is that a log continued to collect even though I did not have logging enabled... go figure.

    It turns out that:

    With transcoding on, the .mkv files were visible on tv menu but could not be played, when off, were absent
    Both times the .avi files could be played fine (from that directory)

    However there were/are numerous avi files that did NOT play, and I can research more if it helps. I don't think ANY mkv files play on this TV. Incidentally files with a suffix of .cd1 or .cd2 could not be played either, but showed up always. They (the .cdN files)'re either avi or mpg files, I don't remember but can research all that.

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    Logging state is changed only after you restart the server and/or GUI, so if you disable it in the GUI, but don't restart the server, it'll still keep on collecting the log for the server.

    Ok, thanks for the updated information. I've PMed you, but I'll post this here for benefit of others as well - support can also be accessed via the help desk located at - it doesn't (or shouldn't at least) require an e-mail then.

    Can you please create a new ticket through the help desk and in that ticket send me some file information. To do that, right-click on those .CD1 and .CD2 files and send in the output of the "File Information" command. That'll tell me what they are. We'll also look at the MKV and AVI issue. I know some AVIs are not handled by the Bravia natively, so we can tweak the device profile to get them going.

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    Got it. Been a bit scattered here, gradually focusing in on solving this one. Glad to have you on the case!

    PS I did indeed disable it properly by stopping the server (and the GUI too, just to be sure).

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    We'll get it sorted out!

    If you did shut down the server, it should've stopped logging. Unless you are running a second copy under another user (but I'm sure you'd know about it) or something didn't stick. We'll look at this as well.

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    It's definitely off now. But the big clue I got was when trying to zip the log files I got the customary "Winzip has encountered an error" from a sharing violation. Not that it mattered as most of the data was still there. I followed the required steps you specify so I will have to try and reproduce this one.

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