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Thread: Transcoding Problem

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    Transcoding Problem

    Hi All.

    I have Scanned through all the forum posts for information on this problem I describe below.
    I operate KKR on a Windows home server 2011. I strained to a Samsung BD E5500 Blu-ray player with a hub smart system. Files are a compatible stream extremely well and I'm very pleased with the quality, however I did have a problem trying to operate the system using powerline plugs and now operate it on at wired network with a dedicated network cable from a network switch to the Blu-ray player. My network operates with dedicated IP addresses and the Samsung Blu-ray player has its own dedicated IP address, DHC is disabled in the Router.
    As I understand it on the devices tab in the KKR GUI you select the devices tab at the bottom left of the screen and examine the list of connected devices then select the device you are interested in, then click on edit on the right-hand side of the window, then click on the transcode tab in the window that opens and then using the scroll button on the right hand side of the device window ensure you select the device. This informs the operating system of the parameters under which its operate to transcode incompatible files.
    As I understand it this allows the system to transcode incompatible files on the fly, meaning in essence as I understand it that it will transcode and stream video to your machine at the same time. However I'm having a problem in a number of my files are resulting in the Blu-ray player displaying the message "incompatible file format" and then moving onto the next video, and whatever I do I'm unable to resolve this problem. Any advice or suggestions will be welcomed as an example (and I'm not an expert in any shape or form in regards to media files) file sharing in the directory of the video I was trying to stream last night's show as an XML document and the MP4 video file type.

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    The Transcoding tab in the device properties allows you to configure certain transcoding settings, but the actual transcoding formats are controlled via the Transcode dialog available when right-clicking on a file in the main view.

    However, the problem is that your device needs a new device profile that's not yet part of the currently released v1.3.5. It's in the works now and I'd be happy to send it to you to try.

    To do that, please send an e-mail to support (at) kooraroo (dot) com. In that e-mail please include information on some of the files that don't play. To get that information, right-click on the file in the main view and use the File Information command.

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