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Thread: No sound on avi files

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    No sound on avi files

    I'm running the latest version of KRR (1.3.5) to stream videos to my blu-ray player (sony bdp-s480).

    KRR detects my blu-ray player, I've set it to PAL as I'm in the UK, transcoding is enabled, and I've downloaded an up-to-date set of codecs.

    Sound is OK on other formats (asf and mpeg) but there is just silence for avi files, and, according to the blu-ray player, it seems to be transcoding the files to MPEG.

    I would really appreciate some help in working out why this is happening and how to fix it, thanks.

    Also, I've got a separate problem whereby some folders state there are, for example, 9 files inside (which is what I expect from the layout of my HDD), but only 3 files are visable when I double click on the folder.


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    Can you please tell me which device profile KRR is using for your player (as per the Devices pane)?

    Also, please right-click on the AVI file and post the output of the "File Information" command (or send to support (at) kooraroo (dot) com).

    Another thing to try is to disable transcoding and see if the AVI plays natively on your device - if it does, but it's being transcoded, then you need to use a different device profile or the profile needs adjusting (we'll see based on results). To disable transcoding, go to Devices pane, double-click on the BDP to bring up its properties, go to Transcoding tab and untick the "Transcode incompatible files" box.

    I also wanted to note that KRR is self-contained, so it doesn't need or use any codecs on your system.

    With the files that don't show up in the folder - you mean they are not visible in the GUI, right? That could mean that KRR wasn't able to process them. Can you please give me an example of such a file (again here, or through support) - what is the file extension (perhaps it's not in KRRs list and thus they are not being added in)?


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