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Thread: Thanks KooRaRoo!!! Made my DLNA SO much easier!!!

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    Thanks KooRaRoo!!! Made my DLNA SO much easier!!!

    Thank you Dennis!!!

    I was trying to get my new Panasonic 3DTV to see my files using my home network via DLNA streaming using WMP 12. I have literally been fighting it for almost 2 weeks with no luck. I was in the middle of taking out WMP 12 for the 3rd time and trying to re-install it again when I just decided to see if there was something else out there. I was looking at a Google search of UPnP / DLNA servers, one (PS3 Media Server) which I already have, when I came across a comment Dennis made to try out KooRARoo. What the hell, I've tried almost everything else.

    Best decision I ever made! In literally 10 mins later, and that includes the download and installation of the trial, adding my file locations and accessing the DLNA client on the TV, I was streaming HD video and audio that looked and sounded AWESOME!!!!!

    I do realize I'll need to probably tweak my server some, but for "out of the box", I don't see needing much.


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    Ken - thank you for the positive feedback, it's greatly appreciated! And I'm glad you like KooRaRoo!


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