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Thread: Stop transcodifing if playback stop at X time.

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    Lightbulb Stop transcodifing if playback stop at X time.

    When I'm watching a tv show, but I'm not sure about which one episode I should to be, I usually see 2 or 3 and then I find my episode. That for Kooraroo means transcoding 3 videos and my actual video. So could be awesome an option to choose if you want to stop trancode (not pause) when playback stops.

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    Thank you for the suggestion. On the positive side, you'll have those episodes ready to go next time you wish to watch them (unless your transcoding cache is really small). The problem with actually stopping transcoding of paused ones is that KRR doesn't know whether the device actually stopped requesting a file or simply pre-loaded enough data for a few seconds (or a minute) of watching. If it's the latter, then transcoding shouldn't stop of course and will resume once the device comes back for more data. In real life, this can happen anywhere up to a minute away from the previous data chunk, thus the timeout for deleting paused transcodings would have to be longer than that. However, many shorter episodes will transcode fully in under a minute (especially if remuxing). I'm happy to discuss this though

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    Oh! Of course, you're absoluty right, I didn't think about that!

    Well, I'll come back if I discover a better solution .

    Thanks Dennis!

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    I'm always happy to discuss and keep those suggestions coming!

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    Hi Dennis!

    I was thinking about this and trying to discover, as I said, a better solution. What do you think about an option "Stop transcoding if device request for another file".

    See you .

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    Yes, that would work for some devices for sure. I do have something similar planned already actually, so I'll add in your suggestion - thank you. With stopping transcoding we are talking about actually removing the transcoding from queue and memory completely, right? Currently it's being paused and resumed when there's nothing else for KRR to do.

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    Hi Dennis,

    Yes, I mean removing the file from memory . Good to know that it's planned, thank you Dennis!


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